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brazilian member

joyajoya Posts: 220 Trailblazer
be an Brazilian member here o Mix make things too different? Like, the support line its not the same (i refer to call numbers, support of urgency/emergency and those stuff). But, be a Brazilian girl, make the support between us, members, different? i am too paranoid, and i dont know how to communicate well, not only because of my english, but because im too afraid of judgment and little shy and very insecure sometimes, so this is kinda difficult to me... but just for clarify and take off these ideas out of my mind, its okay be Brazilian and be here, right?
everything always goes ^^


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    Your English great!!  😄 I like seeing you around here ❤️
  • joyajoya Posts: 220 Trailblazer
    oh, i see @Aidan ^^ like i said, im just too paranoid and stay like "oh my god, noooooo, people will see that my english its terrible, and will misunderstood me, and then they will make the dots and see that im foreign and gonna be like... errr hola?,,, and its gonna be ??? and aaaaaa im gonna said oi please dont judgment me because of my country and puff, lose my mind in an explosion of thoughts!" because i work in that mood hahah but thanks, i try my best on english and to be understood ^^ Here on Mix i feel very accepted, but sometimes my mind goes like "omg no one likes me here",,, But thanks, real thanksss ^^
    everything always goes ^^
  • joyajoya Posts: 220 Trailblazer
    ooooohhh thank you @Liam :flushed:<3
    everything always goes ^^
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