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Weapons and the law - The Mix

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imageWeapons and the law - The Mix

Is it illegal to carry a knife? Or a gun? The Mix explains weapons and the law.

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  • MssFortunateMssFortunate Posts: 1 Literally just got here
    If for example, your job was in joinery/carpentry, how could tools be stored in a car for work purposes without being held as an offence if later questioned? (Scottish law). Is there any precautions that could be undertaken such as storage of hammers, Stanley knife, saw etc that would leave no doubt in the eyes of the law?

    A friend is questioning due to a recent arrest of an ex prisoner, in the above circumstances being rearrested for work tools in his car. Surely, there has to be something in place to prevent such a scenario

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    Welcome to the community @MssFortunate. :3

    We're not legal experts here, but someone may chip into this conversation who has more knowledge around that than I do. It might be worth getting in touch with Citizens Advice, who can provide free legal advice in the UK. They have a specific page for Scotland: https://www.citizensadvice.org.uk/scotland/
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