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music and drawns

joyajoya Posts: 220 Trailblazer
hmm, i guess i am an artist? cause i produce and write music, i play four instruments, i paint and drawn, im a writer and i am a big fan of art! so i will let here some music with some drawns i've made!
everything always goes ^^


  • joyajoya Posts: 220 Trailblazer
    first one:
    *the lyrics are in portuguese, this is just a translation ^^

    Lyrics: Today I woke up thinking about you
    Today I woke up wanting to know about you
    How its your smile, your smell
    How its your ways, your fads
    When you come to pick me up?
    I can't take it anymore,
    I'm waiting for you...
    My love, I'm waiting for you,
    I feel miserable, I'm in tears
    Today I woke up thinking about you,
    Wanting to find you, to hug you, have you soon ...

    everything always goes ^^
  • joyajoya Posts: 220 Trailblazer
    second one:
    *this i've made an English ^^

    baby, im falling apart
    i am been misunderstood
    i am walking away
    for where theres no way
    to the end of my pain
    to recognize that i was not born to
    fly this high, this high...
    i am breaking in tears
    i cant falling at sleep
    i cant eat, cant breath...
    oh please, i feel so miserable
    i feel so empty...
    there's a guilty form inside me
    that makes me remember...
    i didn't born to this world
    i wasn't ready to wake up...

    everything always goes ^^
  • joyajoya Posts: 220 Trailblazer
    the last one for today:
    *the lyrics are in portuguese, this is just a translation ^^
    my love, come back please
    my friend, please come back
    I feel so alone, my love returns
    you left, and never came back.
    why did you leave and not say goodbye to me?
    why did you leave, so ... so suddenly?
    I feel so much pain, please come back ..
    without you here, there is a big, empty space ...
    I don't know if time can heal me, but I know the days go by slowly.
    the trees lost color, and the sun lost heat.
    the sea that was always so blue, now it's naked ...
    my friend, you will always be in my heart,
    my punishment was not telling you I love you.
    goodbye, dear, you will not come back.
    but I will love you forever.

    everything always goes ^^
  • joyajoya Posts: 220 Trailblazer
    i've made another music and im gonna to ressel my first mini album soon!
    this is one more song: i've made it on sunday (its on portuguese but i've translated) ^^
    where did you go | 6x
    Talk to me, oh Holy Happiness 
    Reveal your secrets to me,
    Tell me the pure truth.
    You let behind, you left me here In the endless darkness,
    I didn't even get a goodbye. How many truths did you speak?
    How many lies did you tell? How much vanity did you leave here? 
    And all that's left in me is missing...
    Yesterday you didn't come, today you didn't go, tomorrow you won't come...
    Where will you be?
    Holy Happiness, why did you leave? You left so suddenly, why did you leave me?
    Only sadness remained, emptiness in me took, nothing else sprouted, everything in me died.
    Where did you go? | 3x
    I now try to understand how I can believe in something other (else) than you.
    The voices, the illusions and all the paranoia, are all my nook and cranny, all my glory.
    Everything in me has closed in quantum explosions,
    Size of the vacuum, of the deceptions.
    I feel like a bomb, that at any moment It may burst, I feel like a torment.
    Where did you go? | 9x

    everything always goes ^^
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