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A pondering thought (Poem) (TRIG SH WARNING)

DistractionDistraction Posts: 383 Listening Ear
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I have a pondering thought,

And it feeds off my heart.


It takes the guilt, the pain and hate,

To a very dark place.


It grows and it waits,

Until there's nothing left, but a hole in its place.


So it creates.

 TW: self-harm

Twisting my mind into taking a blade

Just so it can stay alive

Eating through the pain I make.

(I think this poem describes the circle of SH quite well and maybe even why it's so hard to brake and stay away from)

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  • DistractionDistraction Posts: 383 Listening Ear

    I’m a little tired,

    A little sad,

    And a little disappointed,


    I don’t want to smile,

    I don’t want to frown,


    I don’t want to be alive, but I don’t want to die.


    I’m just a little tired,

    And I might not know why,


    But at least I try to understand

    That maybe one day,

    Life might shine.


    But just for now,

    Let me drown.


    Let me slip away.


    Let me be okay.

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  • DistractionDistraction Posts: 383 Listening Ear

    I’m not trying to be brave.

    And I’m not trying to pretend like everything is ok,


    But when I see your face,

    I hide it all away.


    I don’t let it show,

    And I keep it a hold.


    Because I find it hard

    To express how much it hurts inside.


    How much pain is lock away,

    Believe me I wish I could say.


    I wish I could tell you

    That I’m not ok


    But these crippling emotions,

    Cloud my brain,

    And not even a whisper will reach your way. 

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  • DistractionDistraction Posts: 383 Listening Ear

    It’s ok child

    I’m here with you.


    It’s ok to be scared,

    I know mummy won’t hurt you.


    I know because I’ve been here,

    Because I am you.


    I came back to hold your hand, through this nightmare.


    I’ll stay all night if I have to,

    I’ll guard the door.


    Don’t worry I got you.


    I’m here to protect you,


    I know you feel alone,

    I know it’s horrible what your going through,


    I know you can’t tell a soul even though you want to,


    But I promise my child you will see tomorrow,


    Now get some rest, I’ll protect you.

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