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Lurker's Week - Did you enjoy it?

ConnorConnor Posts: 445 Community Manager
Hey all!

Lurker's Week was a trial event that ran from 13th April to 19th April to encourage both newer and veteran posters to discuss a topic together! This time it was superpowers :)

There were also some awesome community ideas added to the week. I'd like to thank you for participating, and thankyou for adding your own ideas to it. We really appreciate that =)

Voting in this poll would help us get a good idea of how you felt about the event.

If you have time, could you also fill out this form here to help us with any future Lurker Weeks? There are only four questions and it won't take long at all! By filling out this sheet you can assist us in helping newer users feel welcome and more willing to enter the community in the future.

Of course, the poll and the feedback form is anonymous so be honest!

Lurker's Week - Did you enjoy it? 4 votes

50% 2 votes
It was okay, I guess
50% 2 votes
It could be better!
0% 0 votes
Nah man
0% 0 votes
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