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ellie2000ellie2000 Posts: 854 Incredible Poster
How do ppl get by, n keep living, wen ur heads a mess


  • DistractionDistraction Posts: 211 The Mix convert
    it's different for everyone, would you like to talk about what's going on in your head a bit? Might helps us to understand a bit better  <3

  • Salix_alba_2019Salix_alba_2019 Posts: 401 Rampant Poster
    Hey @ellie2000

    1)Therapy has helped massively 
    2)Processing things in a healthy way
    3)Making the time to have fun
    4)Having a long term goal

    These are things that have me :)
  • ellie2000ellie2000 Posts: 854 Incredible Poster
    Wats processing things
  • ellie2000ellie2000 Posts: 854 Incredible Poster
    Ppl called me the c word n I can't get it out my head, it's replaying in my mind and the harshness in which they said it. How do I stop them. The ppl that use it use it as if it doesn't hurt ppl
  • JordanJordan Posts: 166 Super Moderator
    Hi @ellie2000, when @Salix_alba_2019 talks about "processing things in a healthy way" they might be talking about how we deal and cope with certain emotions.

    For example, moodcafe talks about "emotion regulation" where we have the power ot manage our emotions. This can include things such as being aware of how we are feeling, accepting and tolerating unpleasant emotions, identifying emotions when we feel them and telling the difference between them. As well as understanding patterns in our emotion, for example, figuring out that certain events make us feel a certain way. As well having the power to manage how we respond to certain things in a way that is positive for us. Here's a link to that moodcafé page :) 

    It sounds like the fact that some people called you the C word is really bothering you and you are thinking it over. It's understandable that it hurts you when they say it as being called certain words can have an impact on our well-being. Like this site says, getting people to stop calling us names can be difficult. The site talks about getting the name-calling to stop by: Reporting the bullying to a teacher or someone at school you feel safe with, telling a parent, family, or other trusted adult who can help you get through it, or ignore it and walk away. Just having someone to talk about how you are feeling can really help as well :)

    Hope that helped ellie :)
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