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looking for poems about difficult childhood

DistractionDistraction Posts: 465 Listening Ear
I was going to put this in creative but I don't know if someone will stumbles across it that doesn't want to 

I was wondering if anyone knowns of any good poem websites or even just a poem that describes something about one or more of these things:

-  growing up with an alcholic parent 
- Feeling responsible for keeping a parent alive 
- leaving a parent at a young age by choice 
- The children of alcholic parents 
- The aftermath of emotional abuse/ neglect 
- witnessing beatings 
- left feeling hollow and lost after a difficult childhood  
- guilt of leaving family members/people behind 
- losing siblings 
- wanting a parent to fight for them 
- waiting on a call from a parent knowing it will never come
- depressed parent 
- being forgotten about by family 

I tried google but the two main websites that come up are family friends poems and poem hunter, looking for something different as I've had a look at most of the poems on those websites, even if you have your own would be helpful. 

Thanks x


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    _AJ__AJ_ Posts: 117 The Mix Convert
    Hey lovely, 
    I write quite a lot myself about experiencing abuse and am happy to share some of my poems over PM if you’d like? 
    The other website which is good is hello poetry? 
    Take care, 
    AJ xx
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    DistractionDistraction Posts: 465 Listening Ear
    Hi there,

    That would nice :)  
    And I forgot all about hello poetry thank you! 
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