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Support Circle 07/04/20

ConnorConnor Deactivated Posts: 508 Incredible Poster
Hey everyone

Apologies for the late thread, the technical issues with chatwee seem to have been fixed so the support circle for tonight is on! The next Support Circle will be on tonight, Tuesday 7th April, starting at 19:55 and finishing at 21:30.

What is the Support Circle?

Support Circle follows the same basic structure as a Support Chat - opening round, support time, and closing round. The unique thing about Support Circle is that everyone gets their own time to chat and be heard by the group, and have their chance to listen and support others. It's sign-up based so the group is relatively small, and you can sign-up to get support or to support others.

It's a great space for people who find it difficult to get their voices heard in regular support chat and/or are keen to listen and support others in a more structured environment. We have places for people who want to come and get support or attend as listeners

If you sign up, try your best to be there for 20:00 so the chat runs smoothly, and remember to stick to the support circle chat! This way, everyone participating can get a good amount of support from others. 

If you'd like to let us know how the Support Circle went for you, and you feel up to the task, you can tell us here.

Letting us know how the Support Circle goes for you will help us in the future, when it comes to seeing what works in the Circle and what could possibly be improved upon.


  • ConnorConnor Deactivated Posts: 508 Incredible Poster
    Just to confirm, those who had support places last week still keep their support places for this week unless otherwise mentioned. This means for now that support places are full. People can still sign up as a listener, however, if they'd like!
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