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Trigger warnings?

_AJ__AJ_ Posts: 82 Budding Regular
Newbie here :tongue: 
Was just wondering how trigger warnings work here, if there is any particular way of doing it! I'm always very cautious about trigger warnings, so just wanted to ask how others do them (ie. title, in main text) or if anyone even cares :lol: 
AJ xx


  • AidanAidan Clever idiot Posts: 2,963 Boards Guru
    edited April 2020
    Hey AJ! :)

    Usually you might see someone put 'TW' in the title as a little warning, and if there's anything in a post that might could be triggering you can put it in a spoiler like this with a little warning:


    but idk tho
  • _AJ__AJ_ Posts: 82 Budding Regular
    @Aidan perfect- using the spoiler looks like a good idea! 
    (Also doggo!!) 
  • MikeMike 🖥️🎧 LandaanPosts: 3,389 Community Manager
    Thanks @Aidan! Just to add to this @_AJ_, it's also good to put the nature of the trigger somewhere if you can (e.g. TW: drug addiction). That gives people more of a heads up.

    Really glad you asked. :)
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