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COPD and tramadol addiction

scoobscoob Posts: 2 Noob
edited March 16 in Health & Wellbeing
Need some urgent information and help about tramadol addiction


  • scoobscoob Posts: 2 Noob
    Person  Iam worried about has final stage COPD and addicted to tramadol the problem is the person is bed bound so it's other people feeding her addiction I know all the problems with tramadol abuse and how it affects your breathing and energy levels my worry is a recent so called copd attack had all the signs of a tramadol overdose that nearly killed her no one told drs or paramedics of the tramadol abuse, what if it is more serious next time and she actually dies I fear these people supplying her with the tramadol are killing her more quickly than she would with the COPD but the addiction hides well behind COPD because over use of tramadol or overdose causes weakness and respiratory/failure and that is exactly the symptoms of COPD, the reason I haven't went to police is it's not my family and the person's close family are the ones supplying the tramadol to her even if I report to police or health care  she just has to say no to drug test or to the question are you taking drugs,
  • mags98mags98 Posts: 239 Moderator
    Hi @scoob

    Sorry to hear, it sounds like a very tricky situation. I don't have much experience or knowledge but I moved this health and wellbeing and changed the title in hope it gets more attention.

    I hope someone will be help with this  <3
  • MikeMike Unapologetic dork LondonPosts: 2,315 Staff Moderator
    edited March 18
    Hey Scoob, and welcome to the community :)

    Something I'd say here is: if you think someone may be being abused or taken advantage of, the best thing to do is call the police. You can do that by dialling 999 or 101 (non-emergency number).

    I know you said you haven't been in touch with the police and don't want to, due to concerns that are very reasonable. But it's better to call them in this situation than not to, especially if you're really concerned about what might be happening to this person. The worst thing they can do here is arrive, look at the situation, and say they can't do anything. However, they may be able to help and you won't know if they can without telling them what you've told us.

    Getting the police involved in something like this is emotionally difficult though, and it's important to make sure you're taking care of yourself too. You clearly care about this person and it's a very kind thing to even consider doing this, so look after your own wellbeing.

    We're not generally medically qualified here, so it's difficult for us to give specific advice or knowledge around the effects of tramadol and symptoms of addiction.

    How have things been since you posted this? How are you doing? Must be quite distressing to think someone is being abused in this way, and we're here to talk about that if you want to.
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