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🥰 Happy Self-Loventine Day ~ Being “single” on Valentines day 💖

🥰Happy 22nd anniversary to the most amazing girlfriend ever(me) ~ Being “single” on Valentines day 💖

A few years ago, February 14 was a terrible day for me because this special day reminded me that I was still single... I felt terribly lonely, unloved and miserable for not being able to find "THE one / my soulmate". Also, I had too many bad dating experiences, and the more I was dating people, the more it gradually destroyed my self-confidence, and I was constantly heartbroken. ⁣

However, every time I ask myself where is my soulmate or when will I find "THE one", I immediately find the answer by looking at the mirror - Self-love is the purest kind of love. - By desperately looking for my soulmate or by searching for external approval, I've neglected one of the most important priorities in life: investing my energy to develop an unconditional relationship with myself. Even if I'm constantly heartbroken, I need to remember that I should not let other people determinate my self-worth. ⁣

The more I spend time with myself, the more I feel a deeper connection with my soul. The more I feel connected to my soul, the more I feel complete, happy and fulfilled with my own company. Sept.1st was the day that I discovered who is my real soulmate. Since the first day, this special person is always here for me when I need it. We share so many good memories together, we have the same hobbies, the same goals, the same life-purpose and my connection with her increase and become deeper day by day. She is so wonderful and unique, I feel understood and supported, I trust her, and I'm so proud of her. She should be my only priority because she is the only person who will be by my side until my death. Self-love is the most important kind of love, and instead of investing too much energy on helping and caring people who don't recognize my real value, I should redirect my love and respect towards myself. Self-love is the most powerful kind of love, and even if being constantly heartbroken is a struggle that I deal with, I know how much it's important to build the best version of myself and to maintain an unconditional relationship with myself. ⁣~

What habit do you want to start to increase your self-love? ❣️

PS: This Sunday, I'll create an Emotional Support Chat on the Discussion board about (post) Valentine's Day. If you are feeling lonely and unloved on Valentine's Day and you would like to learn how to develop an unconditional relationship with yourself, feel free to join us on the Discussion board! Together we are stronger! Can't wait to chat with you xo 

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