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Story Writing Zone

DancerDancer Community Champion Posts: 7,356 Old Timer
This area is for anyone who has made a story to share it with everyone else on the community. It has to be your own story though. Even I have written a story. It is a tragedy about an 11 year old girl. I won't say everything about it until I copy and paste the story. 
"There's a part of me I can't get back. A little girl grew up too fast. All it took was once. I'll never be the same." ~ Demi Lovato
"The way that I have found the light in my life is through the expressive arts because I know that I will be accepted for the way I am." ~ Me
"I'm going to get strong again and see you soon. " ~ Anonymous 


  • DancerDancer Community Champion Posts: 7,356 Old Timer
    So here is my story. Btw, the name of the girl in the story is purely due to a coincidence so don't get offended if your name is Molly. I just decided on a completely random girls name for the story. It is in a spoiler as it is very long and the topics are quite dark and could be upsetting for some viewers. The story is called A Parent's Love. Again the title is purely a coincidence. All the ideas are my own.

    It was a dark and stormy night in the middle of the forest. There was a young girl called Molly. She had long and curly blonde hair with shimmering green eyes. However, there was also a massive, brown, angry bear who was chasing Molly. It was a matter of life or death for her. Her death would be fast but she did not want to die. She was only 11 years old and in her first year of secondary school!

    Before Molly went to take a stroll in the forest she was on her way home from school with two of her friends (one of whom was her boyfriend- John.) She had gone into Primark on the way to get a new fluffy, pink jumper ready for winter and then she went into McDonald's to get a burger and diet coke. Her friends decided to take a stroll in the forest so she came along as well. Suddenly, it started to get dark and stormy so John said "come on Molly babes, we need to get out of here. It could be dangerous." But Molly did not want to get out. Whilst her friends were leaving the forest she was going further into the forest to find some shelter so she could wait for the weather to improve before continuing with her stroll. She sat down in front of what she thought was a brown rock. But what she did not know was that the brown rock was actually an angry bear. The bear growled at Molly. At first, she did not realise what was going on. But after the bear growled at her again she knew that the rock was not a rock. It was a massive, brown, angry bear. 

    Molly started to run away from this bear because she knew that it was more than likely going to either eat her or attack her. Her heart was pounding inside her body like she had just had a triple PE lesson and then dance. She wanted to scream but no sound came out of her mouth. It was like a nightmare for Molly. She hoped that the bear chasing her was just a hallucination but unfortunately for her, a bear really was chasing her.

    Suddenly, her phone had started to ring. It was her mother and father trying to find out where Molly was and if she was okay. They had found out from her friends that she had not left the forest with them. Molly had whispered down the phone "Mum and dad, I am in the forest on my own but an angry bear is chasing me. I think that I am going to die. If I do, please remember that I love you." Her parents knew exactly what was going on as soon as she told them about the bear. They knew that the bear was extremely dangerous and a lot of people had been killed by the bear. Because of this, her mother and father had jumped into their car and sped over to the forest. 

    Molly continued to run from the bear but suddenly she had tripped over a rock and twisted her ankle. She could not get up so she just laid down and waited for her parents to arrive. Unfortunately, the first thing to spot Molly was the bear. Instead of helping Molly up, it had gone over to her and started to attack her. She was trying to scream and wrestle the bear away with her good leg and her arms. But it was no use.  The bear had knocked Molly unconscious and was about to eat her when suddenly her parents had come rushing into the forest.

    Her parents were screaming "Molly! Molly! Where are you? Come on, get out of here." Molly did not hear what her parents were saying in her unconscious state. When Molly did not respond, her parents knew that something was seriously wrong. Her father had ran over to Molly followed by her mother. Tears were in their eyes. Was their daughter dead or just unconscious? For now Molly was simply unconscious. This did not mean that her parents could breathe a sigh of relief. The bear had picked up Molly with its large hands. Her parents screamed and tried to get the bear off Molly. The bear had kicked over her parents but thankfully they had no more than some bruises from the impact of the landing. Unfortunately, in the time it had taken for her parents to get back onto their feet again, the bear had eaten Molly. She was dead and her parents would never get to see her again. They did not even get the chance to bury her small body or to say their final goodbyes. Nothing was left of her. Absolutely nothing. Not even her skull or a shoe. Tears were streaming down her parents faces and they started to blame themselves for the death of their daughter although they did everything that they possibly could have done. Her mother said through her tears "We are such hopeless parents. We should gotten here faster and we should have not hesitated about getting back up when we got knocked down. Everything is our fault. We should be dead. Not our darling Molly." Her father was too shocked and upset to speak at all so he just nodded in agreement to what his wife had said.  

    They had wanted to kill the bear to get revenge for it killing their sweet and innocent daughter. Suddenly, the late Molly's father had gotten a knife out of his pocket and started to stab the bear. This would not get his daughter back but at least it bought justice. After just three times of stabbing the bear, it has fallen to the floor, bled out profusely and died just seconds later. Her parents cheered but still with tears in their eyes. They would never forget this day. They had been so traumatised with what had happened- especially having to witness their daughter die. She was their only child and her mother could not have anymore children. She did not even want to have anymore children anyway. Molly was irreplaceable and would always be loved whether she was alive or dead. A parent's love is unconditional and eternal.

    "There's a part of me I can't get back. A little girl grew up too fast. All it took was once. I'll never be the same." ~ Demi Lovato
    "The way that I have found the light in my life is through the expressive arts because I know that I will be accepted for the way I am." ~ Me
    "I'm going to get strong again and see you soon. " ~ Anonymous 
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