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cant be arsed but can ?

BCdBCd Posts: 1 Noob
So ill get this out of the way first, i do not plan to quit any of the substances so reccomending to quit is not the answer im waiting to hear. My actual question to everyone is that after years of use " not abuse" has anyone else become so detached from society that they feel like work is a purpose just to feed a time that i spend enjoying myself. I mean is this such a horrible thing when we compare it to self harm or suicide in extreme cases. Ive reasoned with myself that fopr years this was the thing that kept me going, not because i have no other interests just that to the point where anywhere i go i have to partake and the group im in also enjoys this too. But trying to expand to any other circle or group of people leaves me with constant anger at how theyre converations are about abritary subjects and rely upon their work lives to furfill them asif its just normal. basically what im askling is that if theres anyone who cant fathom the idea of life and what it means but also knows how to enjoy themselves without restriciting themselves.


  • SkiveSkive No discipline. No morality. No respect. New ForestPosts: 15,055 I eat threads for breakfast
    I have no issue with drug use. I’ve been taking them for over 20 years but I can’t take them as often as I used to because recovery time has increased.
    The moment your recreational drug use starts to negatively impact other parts of your life it’s time to make changes.
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