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trigger warning - eating struggles

itsquietuptownitsquietuptown Posts: 21 Confirmed not a robot
i’ve been struggling with my eating for a while, sort of using restricting as a coping mechanism originally and then getting more and more focused on wanting to be thin. in the last four weeks i’d been counting calories, but yesterday i realised i need to stop that before it gets out of hand, and also because it was hurting my boyfriend and our relationship. i’m finding it really hard though because the numbers are in my head anyway but i’m trying to let myself eat mostly what i want but it just feels like way way too much and i’m scared of gaining weight. 


  • BubblesGoesBooBubblesGoesBoo Sunny ScotlandPosts: 3,535 Community Veteran
    Hey :)

    first of all well done for reaching out for help and realizing you can't go on like this.. it's a slippery slope and getting out of it is tough. have you spoken to your GP or anyone about this? they may be able to refer you to a dietician and they can put together a meal plan to help get you back on track.

    is your boyfriend supportive? its important to have a good support circle around you..

    B-eat have lots of good information about eating, here's a link about going to the GP 

    gaining weight is not a bad thing, everyone has a natural set point and no set point is the same. it was hard for me to accept my set point as its on the higher end of healthy, but its the weight my body functions better at.  its the weight that allows me to play games with my nephew, go to work and social events, I can laugh, run and sit down without being in pain.. its the weight that got me my life back. cause what is a life when it revolves around calories and exercise? its not a life at all, you say you started restricting  as a coping mechanism, but you're only damaging yourself in the long run.

    I really hope you do reach out to your GP, let us know how you get on <3
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  • scottscott Posts: 9 Newbie
    Hey @itsquietuptown

    Thanks for being brave enough to talk about this - it can be really hard to open up! How are you doing today?

    Recovery can be a challenging journey but, as The Mix's article on preventing a relapse, it's important to "stay positive on bad days". One quote I found interested is this:
    Remember that relapsing is nothing to be ashamed of and it can be a normal part of the recovery process.

    There is also support available to give you information around eating. Beat help people overcome eating disorders through helplines, online support and self-help groups. Call 0808 801 0677 or, if you're under 18, call their Youthline on 0808 801 0711.

    Keep reaching out to us here, we're all here to listen!
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