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How has being a young carer changed you?

RileyRiley Moderator Posts: 991 Part of The Mix Family
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Hey again everyone! As I mentioned last week we're currently running a project to raise awareness of young carers and so as a young carer myself I'm writing up some discussion threads for you all to get involved with. It's been really great hearing from you all about how you first became carers and in this thread we're interested in hearing how being a carer has changed you, or changed someone you know about. This one might be a bit easier to talk about for those who aren't young carers themselves but know someone who is one.

As I mentioned last week I was pretty old when I first became a carer, and I've been one for several years now, so it's not all that easy for me to tell what becoming a carer has changed about me. I've definitely become a lot more patient, and more prone to doing little things for people without being asked. My mum doesn't like having to always ask me for help so it makes her feel a little better when I offer to do things instead or just do what I know needs doing. Things can be difficult though and I'd say one of the worse changes I've gone through is I easily forget things when I have to do a lot of stuff all at once.

So how has being a carer had an impact on you or someone you know?

It's a pretty big question so if you can't think of anything major feel free to just say something little, like if you've learned how to make the perfect cup of tea! 😋 We're really interested in hearing your stories and raising awareness of what carers go through so feel free to share.

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    Millie2787Millie2787 Community Champion Posts: 5,146 Part of The Furniture
    I apologize for how long this turned out, once I get started I can't stop  :#

    Interesting Question @Riley and I'm going to be perfectly honest I'm not going to sugar coat anything I'm about to say because that's not what about raising awareness about, people need to know the truth about what a carer really is about. That is not all fun and games and it's not just something we can "cope" with because I'm sure you and other cares will understand it's just not that simple.

    Being a carer is Simply Physically and but most definitely exhausting, I barely get any sleep now since I constantly have to be one alert in case something happens to my mum or my brother and sometimes just sometimes it can be the most annoying little thing they need like a drink or they want the window open

    I've Watched over the last year my "old" mum disappear and that has heartbroken me, I would do anything to have her back- its made me more sensitive and emotional and some of you may say that its a good thing but it really is such a huge curse when you drop your pen in class and burst out crying over that little thing ..... It really isn't great.

    It ruins your mental health as I don't care what anyone says there is always more bad days then there is good and those bad days the one where your brother punches you or your mum has a breakdown in front of you those are the days that you remember , the ones that say with you forever so when people ask you what you mum is like or what your brother has been up to that weekend you have to put on a face and tell them everything has been okay when really mum hasn't left bed or brother has had 8 meltdowns over 2 days.

    I'm in a constant state of anxiety and worry and to put it simply before all of this I was happy I had no worried and now suddenly I have the weight of the world on my shoulders. I now have Anxiety, Depression and Panic Disorder  And yes my care role has such a huge part to play in the development of those 

    And those words I've put in bold that's what caring has done to change me ...

    Now I realise this is all doom and gloom so now for the happy stuff  ;)
    There are many positives to being a young carer, in fact, take a look here on a thread I wrote I think it may have been late last year on the positives about being a young carer. 

    And this song means a lot to me, for me I hear the lyrics as what my care role is all about how that I would literally "climb every mountain And swim every ocean" for them.

    Sometimes all you need is one person to believe in you , for you to begin to believe in yourself.
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