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Just meh

One-in-a-millionOne-in-a-million Posts: 599 Incredible Poster
Currently I don’t feel happy nor do I feel sad I’m just “meh” whatever that actually is. A lot has been going on one of which has recently gotten better so thats less stress but other things especially loosing my job is taking it tole on me. Im ok while distracted or busy but it comes to this time of night and it’s just “meh” to be honest I feel just fed up in general. I just want to get away a bit on my own to clear my head. Just me and my thoughts but I know if I mentioned going somewhere such as Blackpool or Manchester which is about an hour or 2  away via train, people would suggest they come with or want to know who I was with. I just want to be alone me and my own thoughts in a different environment other than my bedroom.


  • Kathleen07Kathleen07 Posts: 1,938 Extreme Poster
    Hey :) Do you want to talk about any of the things that have been going on? It sounds like it's been really rough and stressful on you, I'm sorry you lost your job.

    Do you think you could tell people that you're going somewhere on your own for a bit just to get a break and clear your head, or would you be able to get away with not telling them about it maybe?

    Sending loving hugs as always <3
  • Han93Han93 Posts: 309 The Mix Regular
    Hi @One-in-a-million

    Just wanted to send you hugs <3 I know exactly how you're feeling and it's really horrible - it just makes you want to lie in bed all day and not speak to anyone.

    I think the idea of going away by yourself sounds like a great one - maybe you should try to explain to people why you want to go away on your own and they might understand because I think it's a really good idea.

    Have you ever thought about volunteering? When I've not had a job or when I've been studying I've always found that volunteering really gives me a sense of value and purpose. Maybe you could use this time to volunteer doing something you really love? (Also it's great on your CV)

    If you think this might be something you're interested in, Do-It have lots of volunteering opportunities: https://do-it.org/
  • AbiAbi Posts: 57 Boards Initiate
    Hey @One-in-a-million

    Its been a few days since you originally reached out here at The MIx, I wanted to check in to see how your doing? 

    Sometimes we can't find an overriding emotion sometimes 'meh' is the emotion we need. You mentioned struggling of a night to keep yourself distracted, is there anything which has helped recently? You can always reach out here on the Discussion Boards (Open 24/7) as well there is also the Group Chats (open 8pm till 9:30pm Sunday to Thursday). 

    Just me and my thoughts but I know if I mentioned going somewhere such as Blackpool or Manchester which is about an hour or 2  away via train, people would suggest they come with or want to know who I was with. I just want to be alone me and my own thoughts in a different environment other than my bedroom.

    You mentioned this, i was just wondering what you mean by this? Being alone with your thoughts may sound like a good plan sometimes can be hard. Is there anyone who you trust you could talk to about this? 

    As @Han93 suggested is there any local volunteering programs you could consider doing to help distracted you for a few hours a week? Sometimes doing something like this between jobs can be really helpful as it keep the core skills going while keeping yourself distracted. 

    Keep reaching out to us here at The Mix we do care about you. 

  • One-in-a-millionOne-in-a-million Posts: 599 Incredible Poster
    Hi everyone sorry for not replying sooner. I’m not quite sure what the underlying reason is, between loosing my job, my friend having problems that I was trying to support her with (it’s been sorted out in a fashion) trying to spend time with family and also be with friends, looking for another job it’s all just built up, I would like to be alone for a bit but telling someone I’m going out for a day alone would just cause hassle and people inviting themselves.

     I actually hadn’t thought about the fact it could possibly make things harder but I just don’t know how to tell people some of the things seem silly and would probably be brushed off.

    again sorry for not replying 
  • coc0maccoc0mac Posts: 1,054 Wise Owl
    Hi @One-in-a-million

    Don't worry at all about the time it takes to reply. If we check up it's only because we all care about you - you can take all the time you need to talk :smile: heart:

    It sounds like you have a lot on your plate at the moment, and I know from my experience whenever I'm overwhelmed I either feel everything or I just feel "meh" as you've described. It feels so draining at the time but it really does pass and things do get better :heart: 

    I can hear the difficulty in wanting a day alone but knowing people will invite themselves. One thing you could try is working on speaking to somebody close to you first, so you can explain the ways you are feeling and the reasons you'd like one day by yourself - just so nobody worries and will know to let you have that time :smile: I really understand it can be difficult to talk, and I can see you are worried people might think its silly or brush it off, but I would always always always encourage you to talk. It's very easy to worry about how people might react, but you deserve a supportive and caring reaction always :heart: Perhaps you could write it in a letter or a text? That can take some off the pressure off speaking face to face - and if they don't react the way you hope, it might be easier to stand up for yourself and let them know how you would like to be supported. How do you think this would be? :heart:

    Focusing on speaking to somebody may take away some of the frustration of not being able to take a day out alone. And in the meantime, something as simple as a walk outside can be really therapeutic :smile:

    Remember we are all here for you. Take good care :heart:
  • One-in-a-millionOne-in-a-million Posts: 599 Incredible Poster
    Thank you Xx

    I have been feeling a little better than before just lately. It’s not very often I talk about my feelings normally because I’m either helping others and don’t want to put the the way I feel on them especially as I find when people ask me for support I give it as much as I can but sometimes this is draining depending on what the situation is.

    im still thinking of wether a change if environment for just one day would help clear my mind although I will have the house to myself on Tuesday so that may help a little as everyone is out all day.

    thank you for checking on me Xx 
  • JamJarJamJar Posts: 274 The Mix Regular
    Hey @One-in-a-million

    No stress at all about taking time to reply to posts. We live in a world these days where everyone expects a response immediately and sometimes it really is better to pause, and consider what we actually want to say. 

    You sound like you are persevering well with the job hunt. From having been in a similar position in the past, I know the mental challenge that this poses so I hope you continue to power on through! Are you looking at similar jobs to your last one or are you now searching for a change??

    You also mentioned that you've been trying to support a friend through a tough time that they are having. How has this been on you? We often need to be there for our friends, but it can be easy to forget about ourselves. Have you been able to talk to anyone about how caring for your friend has affected you?

    I hope the past few days have been slightly less "meh" but if they have been "meh" then I hope you can remain as mentally tough as you have been so far. Emotional mindsets are so real when we are gripped by them and that tension partly comes from the paradox that we feel like we should be able to control our own mind whilst simultaneously feeling unable to. Sometimes it is best to choose to let go, and other times it's best to challenge ourselves - life is about finding a bit of a balance.

    How was Tuesday, did you end up having the house to yourself? :) 
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