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Registering with GP at uni

pumpkinpiepumpkinpie Posts: 124 The Mix convert

I’ve just moved to a new city for uni and I’ll be wanting to register with a GP practice soon since I’m quite far away from home. Only thing is I’m staying in halls and don’t have a physical document showing proof of address (like a bill) since everything still goes to my old address. One of my flatmates used the email with her flat allocation on it to register since it had the full address of our halls on it and they accepted it. Does anyone know if you actually have to provide proof of address when you register or is it just something that helps the practice? (I live in Scotland if that helps) 



  • AbiAbi Posts: 27 Moderator
    Hi @pumpkinpie

    It looks to be that you need to provided document of your current address, if this from the university in an email or letter which gone to the address of your hall of residents should be accept. If you feel you can wait till a letters such as a bill comes through then do so. I've taken a quick google and found this link here which contains the Scottish NHS information contact numbers. If you ring up your local practice they should be able to help or even speak to someone in the university student support. 

    If you need anymore help at all please do not hesitate to reach out here at the mix. 

  • JordanJordan Posts: 76 Super Moderator
    Doctors usually need a proof of address. I just went through all this recently so know how much of a pain setting everything up can be!

    The university I attend had a print out on their student portal for proof of address. You could try check for something similar. If not, reach out to the accommodation department to see if they can give you a proof of address.

    Good luck at uni!
  • pumpkinpiepumpkinpie Posts: 124 The Mix convert
    Hey @Abi @Jordan, thanks for your advice

    I was going to phone the practice before I went to register to see if they’d accept my flat allocation email as proof of address but I forgot (oops) however I went along today and they accepted it, so that’s me registered. One more thing off the list at least! 

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