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Back to school- going into Year 13

itsquietuptownitsquietuptown Posts: 36 Boards Initiate
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I’m getting really worried about going back to school, particularly because  there’s going to be a lot of change this year as they’ve changed some of the structure of things, so I’ll be getting a new tutor (the teacher I will have was my GCSE Chemistry teacher and he basically ignored me or put me down for the whole two years because I wasn’t good at chemistry and it honestly made me feel so rubbish I really don’t want to have to interact with him again, but I will have to every day). Another thing is that my favourite teacher has left and he was really nice and good at encouraging me when I wasn’t sure. He was my French teacher and now there are only two A level French teachers left so where last year we had two different classes, this year the classes are being combined so there will be about 15 of us which is way too many for languages in my opinion and I’m worried I’ll stop participating and stuff. Also in the other class that will be merging with us are some people who really mess around and I’m scared it will affect my progress because French is my best subject and I want to do it at Uni, but I don’t want them to ruin it. 
Also over the summer I’ve kind of gone downhill a bit in terms of my eating issues, which I’d started to talk with my school counsellor about just before the summer holidays, and she said that when I go back they’ll probably have to start weighing me dairy regularly again and pay close attention to me which I guess is good but it just makes me quite anxious and sometimes makes me eating worse.
I just don’t think I’m going to cope very well this year, which is not good because it’s A level exams year. I’m just really scared and I don’t know how I’ll manage.
Sorry this is long and doesn’t make much sense I just needed to vent a bit. 
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    coc0maccoc0mac Posts: 1,054 Wise Owl
    Hi @itsquietuptown

    No need to apologise about the length - it's always good to vent and let it all out :smile: 

    Going back to school can be a really nerve wracking time, especially when there's lots of changes ahead. I'm glad you decided to speak about it though, as often that's a good way to make things clearer in your head, to understand how you are feeling and what you can do to help yourself :smile:

    I can really understand why you might not be looking forward to joining your new tutor - the way they treated you before is not okay and nobody should be made to feel like that. It is your teachers' duties to look after you at school and make sure you feel safe and supported, so always remember that if he makes you feel this way during tutor you are absolutely entitled to talk to somebody. Another teacher, an adult, there is aways a way to resolve this kind of situation. But hopefully they will be much nicer this year - try and go in with a positive frame of mind, and just know that if you need to talk to somebody that's absolutely an option :smile:

    It can be quite stressful when classes get bigger and teachers change etc, but what I have noticed is that you seem really dedicated to French and I think that will help you a lot. Focusing on your goal of studying French at university might be a really good way to remain focused, despite the people who mess around. If you do find your progress is being effected, I would suggest talking to your French teacher about this and figuring out ways to support your progress despite this. I realise there is a theme in this reply of talking to your teachers if needed, but they are there to support you :smile: plus we will always be here too - so if you need help before taking to them, you can always talk about it here :heart:

    It's really positive that you were able to speak to your school counsellor about your eating struggles - a huge well done for that :heart: Your school counsellor will be there for you every step of the way, and if the weigh ins get too overwhelming then there is always another option. When coping with absolutely anything in life, one thing that always stands is that there is no rush to feel better. You can go at whatever pace you need in whatever way helps you the most. You are strong and you can do this :heart:

    We are all here for you. Take good care :smile::heart:

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