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TW Suicide

NatalieMTNatalieMT Posts: 177 Helping Hand
edited August 2019 in Creative Corner
Listening to your words, your grubby hands placed on my body as I nap,
You were and are my constant curse, my constant trap.
For every time your actions unveiled, tears rolled from my eyes, my whole being was weak,
For you I’ve to see through this game, pretend I enjoy it on the outside, but on the inside it’s easier to pretend I’m  asleep.
It makes me want to disappear, every time that your near,
Please stop my heart from beating, please stop this fear.
The pain is buried, scarred, so deeply entrenched inside, from you I cannot hide,
Everything I’ve said and done, truth is no matter how I bare my soul, no one can say I hadn’t tried.
You will take over the good within me, because we all have it, but until my last breath,
Hate will consume, torment me, it’ll stay with me until my death.

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  • Butterfly23Butterfly23 Posts: 810 Part of The Mix Family

    I just wanted to say that your writing has so much depth and emotion to it, it really shows the brute honesty of your feelings and I imagine it isn't an easy thing to do.

    Do you feel like writing helps you to understand your feelings and emotions better, and acts as like a healthy release?

    Keep writing, because you have a real talent for it and thank you for being so brave sharing them with us.  <3
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