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Not Sure if what I'm feeling

So, I recently found out that simulating my clit roughly turns me on. So I tried that to see if i could achieve my orgasm, but idk if I'm achieving it or not.  :s  

Like it feels really good, so good that I cant control the rest of my body! What I mean by that is I cant stop myself from trying to push my hand off my clit. So tonight I made my body go about 10 minutes without forcing myself off, and I was soaked by the end, but idk if that was my orgasm or not? Can anyone help me? I'm so confused.


  • chubbydumplingchubbydumpling Posts: 487 Listening Ear
    Hey Jessica! Welcome to the boards =)

    It's great that you're so open about this - you've come to the right place!

    It sounds like you're already really comfortable with your body and figuring out what you like. A big part of masturbation is trial and error - like anything else, it takes practise. It's important to remember that no two orgasms are the same. They are going to vary in intensity and length, especially when you're just starting to explore your body. Try to relax, don't put any pressure on yourself to "get it right".

    There isn't one standard definition of an orgasm. Physically, it is a peak in sexual excitement following a period of sexual stimulation.

    That's a direct quote from the Brook website which I've linked here if you want more information. They provide loads of great advice and support about sexual health and wellbeing for under 25s. 

    Basically, everyone experiences orgasm differently but generally what happens is that your body grows tenser and tenser until the tension is released with an intense rush. That might be paired with more discharge, increased sensitivity and convulsions. A lot of people (myself included!) get whole body tingles. What you're experiencing could definitely be an orgasm. My advice is to just keep doing what you're doing. There are no downsides to masturbation. 

    I hope this helps but please keep posting in this thread if you want to talk more <3
  • Lucy307Lucy307 Posts: 1,171 Wise Owl
    Hey @jessica_jordan2001 and welcome :)

    Well done for reaching out - as chubbydumpling said, you've come to the right place! Good for you exploring your body and finding out what you like. It might be that you haven't reached orgasm yet... I think you would probably know if you had, but then again maybe not! Either way, that's not the be all and end all of masturbation - as long as you're enjoying yourself! 

    There's a great article here https://www.themix.org.uk/sex-and-relationships/having-sex/how-to-orgasm-3920.html that might help, but tbh my advice is just carry on exploring and see where you get to  =)

    - Lucy
    Treat yourself as you would treat a good friend
  • Thx, I also forgot to add as I'm almost done it's like my body automatically cools off for a minute and then heats up again. Also I feel like I need to vomit right after I finish  :/
  • One-in-a-millionOne-in-a-million Posts: 595 Incredible Poster
    Hi Jessica :) its good to see you are so open about this. It’s hard to explain what an orgasm is as they can be slightly different for everyone. I for example haven’t had sex yet but have found self pleasure really helps. I have my likes and dislikes and different actions bring different feelings particularly one makes me feel tingly at first and then very relaxed.

    It sounds to me like you are confident in exploring your body and a bit of trial and error is a good thing Xx

  • I also haven't had sex, but I do enjoy pleasuring myself here and there
  • One-in-a-millionOne-in-a-million Posts: 595 Incredible Poster
    Nothing wrong with that it’s your body :) 
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