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It’s no joke - Trigger warning

Millie2787Millie2787 Community Champion Posts: 5,103 Part of The Furniture

Suicide is no joke

Suicide is no game

Your all jokenly go 

“Ohh I’m gonna kill myself”

When someone , somewhere 

Has done that and succeeded 

That happens every single day

You think it’s funny 

You think your having a laugh

Think of those families 

Who wake up to find 

There loved ones have gone 

And left them in all kinds of pain 

Behind in a world that 

Drove them to that fate 

Men are told man up

Women to be skinny not fat

Boys to wear blue 

And girls to wear pink

We must all stick by 

The gender stereotypes that exist 

They Hide behind a smile 

They hide behind a laugh

We’re not always the quiet ones

That hide at the back 

We can be loud 

Or we can be withdrawn

We try everything to hide our plans 

From the ones who Cared the most 

In fear that there stop us 

From doing what we want most 

We just want the pain and suffering to end 

We don’t really want to die 

We’ve try to make the pain stop 

But every other way fails 

The only way out now is to die 

All it takes if for someone to say

Hey , I noticed your not yourself 

Are you doing ok 

Those words can make a world of difference 

Those words could save a life

Sometimes all you need is one person to believe in you , for you to begin to believe in yourself.
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