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What should I do

scottyjones98scottyjones98 Posts: 14 Settling in
Just looking for some advice. I've not come out to anyone, nor do I really want to as I don't believe a label should define someone or change who they are. However a few of my close friends do know that I am bisexual as they have seen me with other lads on nights out.

I'm currently just exploring  my sexuality and so I really want to go to a gay bar, just to experience it and have some fun, however I don't want to force my close friends to go as I don't think they would enjoy it. Should I just go on my own, I'm worried that it would look weird if I was there all by myself, especially as I am a bit of a shy person. I don't know who else to go with. Is it something I should just forget about as I also have a crush on a girl and I think she likes me back and wants to meet up for a drink sometime. I don't know how to explain to her I am bisexual as I don't want it to change what she thinks of me. I also don't want to enter a relationship with her whilst I want to experience things.

Just looking for some advice on what to do. I'm from the North East of England if anyone wants to have a chat.




  • tkdogtkdog Posts: 281 The Mix Regular
    If you wanna try it then go for it I think, after all you can experiment still, though yeah I can get it is hard to go without someone else or that you feel bad for forcing a friend to go (though maybe you could just once?)
    If there is a organisation for lgbt people near by and maybe you could find someone you could go with there? Or even online though that can be dodgy I know, if you aren't careful.
    If not perhaps if you haven't already you could start by visiting a pride festival for the atmosphere and get a better idea of things, many people watch that whether they are lgbt or not. 
  • mags98mags98 Posts: 287 The Mix Regular
    Hi @scottyjones98,

    Hope you are doing well! Sounds like a tricky situation that you are in. 

    I definitely don't think it's something you should forget as you might wonder about it in the future, it might be worth asking some of your close friends if they would go with you. You never know they might say yes, you'll never know if you don't ask (as long as you feel comfortable with it). 

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