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Good news i guess.

dancertoridancertori CornwallPosts: 125 The Mix Convert
My local mental health team is finally taking me back in, after countless referrals. I'm relieved but also kinda nervous. what do i need to make sure i tell them, or ask them. i'm kinda freaking over it.


  • Spook98Spook98 UKPosts: 262 The Mix Regular
    as in therapy? ^^
  • davcr0ckdavcr0ck South Oxfordshire (homophobic Oxfordshire) Posts: 774 Trailblazer
    Hey @dancertori

    This is great news to here and it's understandable that your nervous and freaking out about this, 

    if it was me, i would give them a run down of what things have been like since you last got referred to them, 

    it might be a good idea to make yourself some brief notes on the subject just so you don't get lost in for words 

    the young minds have this page on questions you might want to ask during your appointment 

    a while back i found a really good link to a page on how to prepare yourself for your first mental health team appointment but i can find it now, if i find it again, i pass it onto you 

    sending love and hugs to you 🤗🤗🤗 <3<3<3

    Love is love and everyone is accepting and can share their issues with no judge from me and I try to help 
  • Butterfly23Butterfly23 Miniposter England Posts: 817 Trailblazer
    Hey Tori! 

    That is is really good news that they have taken you back under there care, I hope you find some good support from that which you benefit from 💗

    I can empathise with feeling nervous about it, I find writing a list do bullet points to use when I’m assessments etc helps and include things such as;

    *Things that have happened in the past which have impacted your MH
    *How you are feeling and how that impacts your day to day life (social life, work/college etc)
    *Behaviours that you may struggle with and why
    *Your relationships with family/friends

    And anything else you feel is important 💗

    Keep us updated and I hope this helps a little bit,

    Butterfly x 

  • StephanieStephanie Posts: 687 Super Moderator
    Hey Tori, :heart:

    Just want to echo what has already been said here. It's really positive that you are going to be getting some support for your mental health. 

    Hope it helps you, do keep posting if you need to talk about anything, we are here for you :heart:
                                   "Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times if only one remembers to turn on the light" 

    - Albus Dumbledore 

    "Like when I was down you just had that smile that made me feel like everything's worthwhile. Thinking of the day when you went away, what a life to take, what a bond to break, I'll be missing you"

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