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VO5 Summer of Love Series: Coming Out

coc0maccoc0mac Posts: 939 Part of The Mix Family


We are back to discuss another really important topic in our Summer of Love Series in partnership with VO5. This weeks theme is Gender and Sexuality. This theme ties perfectly into Pride Month, and is also so important to talk about (always), so I hope these threads can be filled with support and positivity. 

Discovering your sexuality is a journey. It can be exciting, confusing, and sometimes perhaps a little bit scary. It can be frightening wondering how to come out - but what’s really important is knowing that you never have to go through it alone. 

I wanted to share with you a really useful article for understanding How To Come Out. It shares some great advice with different ways to come out, how to support yourself through various reactions, and importantly understanding when you are ready to come out. Your sexuality is exciting and it is something that deserves to be celebrated, always. But equally, there is absolutely no rush to label your sexuality and absolutely no pressure to tell anybody. When you come out is up to you - the most important thing is that you feel safe, comfortable and supported. 

So I would love to hear your thoughts and advice on coming out. Whether this is based on personal experience or just general advice that you would like to give, any support for others would be amazing! Combining your support with the advice in the article above, we could create a great tool kit for coming out. You deserve to be celebrated and you really do not have to go through this alone♡

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