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[18+] Research on support for partners of people who have mental health conditions

jmacjmac Posts: 2 Newbie
edited August 2019 in Change The World
Hi everyone, 

I’m Jenna and I am the girlfriend of someone who has a diagnosis of Schizophrenia.

I am also studying a masters degree in social work and have decided to research the support available to people in similar situations to myself ie partners of someone who has a mental health condition. 

I am hoping some of you may be able to complete a short questionnaire about your experiences as a partner. Anything you say will be kept anonymous and I would really appreciate any responses. 

Any questions please ask  :)  Thanks 

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  • JellyelephantJellyelephant Bpd bitch ✌🏼 Posts: 825 Part of The Mix Family
    Has the mix approved this? Just want to check it’s genuine and ok to respond
    The sun will rise and we will try again 
  • MikeMike 🎧 LandaanPosts: 3,641 Community Manager
    Has the mix approved this? Just want to check it’s genuine and ok to respond
    We have now @Jellyelephant. :) Thanks for checking.

    Just a general reminder to anyone wanting to participate in this to be mindful of the information you're giving over and, as the survey says, only share what you're comfortable with.

    I've also edited the title of this to say 18+, as that is the lowest age option in the survey.
    All behaviour is a need trying to be met.

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  • jmacjmac Posts: 2 Newbie

    thanks admin for approving this.

    I’m new to the mix and didn’t realise I should have included much more information - the survey is only for ages 18 upwards (thanks admin for editing title) and you can say as much or as little as you want to say, there is also options to skip any question you don’t feel comfortable answering. 

    The research is for my uni dissertation and all surveys will be seen by myself only. I will make sure anything is anonymous and any names or identifying info is removed before including quotes from the survey in my dissertation.

    im doing this research because my boyfriend has a diagnosis of schizophrenia and I have found this really hard to deal with sometimes and have found friends and family don’t understand and there is little professional support available. I wanted to see what other people’s experiences are and what improvements I could suggest are needed. 

    Hope this info is useful :) thanks 
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