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Told off for daydreaming and have had enough

sozforhappysozforhappy Deactivated Posts: 123 The Mix Convert
edited June 2019 in Sex & Relationships
I am totally sick and at the end of my tether of being told off for daydreaming in particular at home. Seriously, people must ought to accept and lump that I'll always find my surroundings boring and what's in my head more fun no matter what the situation especially when the subject is something I don't care about at all or is annoys and bores me to death and I have my own definition of important and quit being so strict and harsh on me about it. It's not as if I ignore them intentionally, it's how my brain naturally works. They really should stop being patronising and sarcastic and angry about me not listening to what they say or just lay off. It's got worse ever since teachers back at secondary school complained about me not concentrating in lessons.  I don't deserve to be made fun of or reprimanded no matter how faulty I am. It's other people who are the problem. My parents also sometimes misunderstand me not knowing what they mean when they say something or unintentionally mixing up their words as me not listening to them. if they're afraid I may daydream and air in environments outside of home at least other people won't tell me off as harshly and briskly as they do and make me feel bad about how I naturally am by wanting me to change. It's not for my own good if it totally pisses me off and upsets me. Other people care in a much nicer resonating way. I so hate tough care!
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