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Long haul flights

LubnaLubna Posts: 496 Listening Ear
Has anyone ever been on a long haul flight? We have a 10 hour flight on Thursday to Mexico. The longest I've been on a plane is 4 hours. Like I'm not saying the flight there is going to be too bad because we'll be excited but any tips for the flight on the way back? I find it hard to sleep at home so I'm going to find it extremley hard going to sleep on a plane. I get so nervous thinking how can a areoplane stay up in the sky for 10 hours.


  • Lucy307Lucy307 UKPosts: 872 Part of The Mix Family
    Hi @Sham

    Yes I've been on a few :smile: you'll probably have a little entertainment system in front of you which keeps me occupied! I also usually download music and podcasts to my phone which chill me out. I don't always sleep on flights but make the most of the time by watching films etc. 

    Make sure you wear very comfy clothes and charge your phone up too! 

    Also totally understand you getting nervous, but I always go back to the thought that thousands of plane journeys happen every day without any problems.

    Hope you enjoy Mexico! Let us know if you need any more tips :mrgreen:

    - Lucy
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  • AidanAidan Clever idiot Posts: 2,836 Boards Guru
    Hey Sham,

    The longest flights I've been on have been about 7 hours, but I have been on coach journeys totalling nearly 14 hours so I know how important it is to sleep/ keep yourself entertained through a long journey.

    Tips for the flight back? You could think about things you've missed about home while you've been away, any relatives or pets or places etc. I think it also helps to have a playlist downloaded that you can listen to, or books or ebooks to read, games to play- just things to keep your entertained.

    If you want to sleep, there's a few things that can help like cutting back on alcohol and caffeine, taking motion sickness medication if that's something that helps you, nabbing the window seat so you can rest against the wall, ASMR or other relaxing music or sounds, that kind of stuff can sometimes help.

    It's okay to be nervous about flying, and it's common too. Air travel is by far the safest mode of transport. Aircraft are very fuel efficient and carry plenty of it, and are very capable of flights lasting many hours without needing to refuel. Emergencies are very rare, most planes can fly on only one of their (usually, 2 or 4) engines, and can glide hundreds of miles to an airport without any engine power at all. Pilots are well trained, have thousands of hours of experience of flying an aircraft, and have passed strenuous tests to prove they have the right skill and aptitude. 

    This is from someone who used to be a student pilot, has flown a plane several times, and has worked with professional airline and RAF pilots as well as air traffic controllers, all of whom have much much more knowledge about air travel than I could ever impart.

    Take care, and enjoy your holiday! :)
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  • LubnaLubna Posts: 496 Listening Ear
    Thankyou 🙂
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