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Excess Packaging

Anch0r33Anch0r33 Posts: 17 Fast Newbie
Okay so I've just opened my packet of crisps and never really thought about it before, but there's maybe 20-30 (less than half the bag) crisps. 

In a time where climate change and saving the world is a real issue, why are we using so much packaging? I get that they're trying to encourage people to buy their product by thinking that there's more product than there really is, but if someone likes a product, they'll buy it anyway right? 

With most companies changing to cardboard/paper straws (which I agree are not the best), why are companies still allowed to use excess packaging? 

Have you ever ordered something online that comes packages in like 3 boxes and padded with plastic packaging? 

So what do we do about this issue? What are your guys thoughts on the issue? 

I look forward to hearing from you guys! 


  • AidanAidan Clever idiot Posts: 1,216 Fanatical Poster
    With crisps it's not an issue of excess packaging, crisp packets contain nitrogen to stop the crisps from oxidising- which makes them stale.

    Walkers say:
    we're aiming to make all our packaging 100% recyclable, compostable or biodegradable by 2025

    Which is a positive step to reduce waste, but it's important to remember recycling requires electricity and contributes to the release of greenhouse gases.

    A think the solution is for 100% recyclable/reusable packaging, and for recycling facilities to be powered purely by renewable energy sources (as everything should be eventually). 

  • Anch0r33Anch0r33 Posts: 17 Fast Newbie
    I'm not the most bothered about crisps tbh, it just got me thinking about a lot of other things that have way too much packaging for what they need. Crisps, as you say, aren't the issue, and companies are doing their best to help the planet. 
    I notice a lot with things that come from China, they have a lot of plastic wrapping instead of say corrugated cardboard pieces or even something renewable or sustainable. 
    It is great to see companies taking leaps and setting realistic aims for their company. 
    Some companies are definitely doing more than others and some countries are making larger steps forward while other countries are taking steps back. 
    We need some sort of agreement worldwide and have some basic guidelines to follow, ban use of certain non recyclable/renewable resources and protect what we've got. 
    If we can switch to renewable and sustainable lifestyles then the world will be a better place. 
  • htwohig2412htwohig2412 Posts: 112 The Mix convert
    Hey @Anch0r33!

    Totally agree! I've never understood why things I order (particularly from Amazon!) come in a box wrapped in plastic, which is in a box wrapped in more plastic, which is in a box stuffed with foam pellets, which is in a (ok, you get the picture!). It would be really cool to challenge a few of these companies and find out why.
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