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NHS mental health Assessment

Hope2comeHope2come Posts: 1 Literally just got here
So im being sent for a mental health assessment for the second time. My first one lead to me coming home overdosing and spending the night in hospital lying to the doctors saying that it wasn't a suiside attempt and I just wanted to hurt myself. I spent some time with crisis but discharged myself before I could get diagnosed with something.
So as u can imaging I'm terrified of my re assessment. like terrified.
Ive been having problems with thoughts of talking all my pills which I know would cause harm not that I would ever tell them im struggling. Im just so scared of going to this appointment.


  • RileyRiley Posts: 572 Super Moderator
    Hey there @Hope2come I just wanted to say I've gone ahead and moved your thread to the Health & Wellbeing section since it fits there better and hopefully you'll get more focused attention and advice.

    I think it's understandable that you're feeling worried about your mental health assessment but is there a specific reason I'd like to ask why you're so scared of going to your appointment? Hopefully you manage to get everything sorted out one way or another as it sounds like you're dealing with an awful lot of stress at the moment. Best of luck! :)
  • chubbydumplingchubbydumpling DurhamPosts: 449 Moderator
    Hi @Hope2come

    Great job for posting here and getting all that worry out!

    I've been through mental health assessments myself so I know how anxious and scared you must be. It's embarrassing, and sometimes painful, to tell other people what you're experiencing. I promise that they really do have your best interests at heart though. Try to be as up front as you can, and at least consider the help that's being offered. 
  • Kathleen07Kathleen07 Posts: 1,935 Extreme Poster
    Hey buddy <3

    Just dropping by to say I'm really sorry to hear this. Riley and chubbydumpling have given some good advice.

    Keep us posted on how the mental health assessment goes, if you like. And if you want to talk about the fear around this, or about how you're feeling in general, you know where we are <3
  • coc0maccoc0mac Posts: 532 Incredible Poster
    Hi @Hope2come

    Just wanted to say we are all here for you and wish you the best of luck with your assessment. 

    Is there anything in particular that you might be feeling scared of? Sometimes there's one reason, and sometimes we are just feeling scared in general. Either are absolutely okay and we are here to help you no matter what. 

    It would be great to hear how it went :heart: 
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