caring for you

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Was debating whether to share this or not . Obviously it’s wrote about my caring role and I guess maybe it’s shows the part that often a lot of people don’t hear about . A lot of the time you only here about the physical caring roles and not the emotional roles we have to do. 

Its not the best because im terrible at writing poems lol 

Caring for you 

Is one of the easiest 

Yet hardest things 

I will ever have to do 

Sitting on the steps

Watching you like a hawk

Pacing up and down

Hoping your settle

Some point before The morning

Some days I see Smiles

Other days I see tears

Most days agitation

And your feeling of fear

Seeing you break down

Hearing your cries for your mum

It breaks my heart

That I can do nothing more

Than comfort you

Some days you love me

Other day you don’t

Someday you say I care

Other days I never have

Seeing you break down in tears

Seriously breaks my heart

Knowing there’s nothing I can do

Other than comfort you

And try and fill in that

Huge hole in your heart

Throwing things around

Throwing the pans and pot

The anger and frustration

The agitation and fear

Descend on you

Like a seagull on the pier

Holding you in a bear hug

Sobbing into my shoulder

You say your sorry for everything

That you’ve done

I know you don’t mean it

I know that isn’t you

It just breaks my heart

That I wish you could just

Go back to the Mum

That I used to know

You have a purpose.


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    I’ve added some more but was too late to edit it by the time I had wrote it 
    We used to have fun 
    We used to have a laugh
    trips to the seaside
    trips to the park

    Family parties 
    and meal out
    baking together 
    swimming together 

    I miss those times 
    we used to spend together 
    I don’t know where you went 
    or what happened to you 
    every time I see a shooting star 
    i wish a pray that I get you back 
    some point soon 
    You have a purpose.
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    Thanks for sharing this :heart:

    You have a real talent with writing, amazing, well done you :smile:

                                   "Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times if only one remembers to turn on the light" 

    - Albus Dumbledore 
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    @Stephanie Thank you , I’m terrible at poem writing but means a lot ❤️
    You have a purpose.
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