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NatalieMTNatalieMT Posts: 175 Helping Hand
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Lets make it our secret game
The walls, the smell, the sounds, the fear it all feels the same, 
It’ll only hurt for a short time you say,
It will be ok, I’ll forget after all tomorrow is just another day,
Let’s hide under the covers, let’s keep it our secret...I’ll bare all of the shame,
Its ok, the thoughts of you will stay our secret, I’ll take all of the blame,
I cannot say all I need to because I’m not allowed,
You saw innocence, you took it freely, I hope you are feeling proud, 
Now I have to suffer everything that you’ve done,
That innocence stolen, I will never understand it, well you’ve won,
I’m broken, damaged, dirty, disgusting, this disgusting ’little whore’,
The words you said to me, kept wanting me for more,
I’ve no doubt that with time your conscience will heal,
Whilst my 8 year old self will continue to whisper, was it real?
I wish you’d have taken my heart,
For my body, mind and soul you’ve torn it all apart,
I hope your happy with what you got,
Thats me finished, that’s your lot,
Nothing ever stays the same,
Except I’ll alwats carry your shame.

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