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Anger - A poem about losing control

LabraBellLabraBell Future paramedic :)Posts: 202 Boards Initiate
edited March 2019 in Creative

I've been meaning to write this for a while, I just haven't gotten round to it. It's more cryptic than usual, so it might take a couple reads for the full meaning to sink in, in some cases. But the flow of it as I read it aloud seems to have more dramatic tension than normal.


The red mist is creeping in.

Slowly, silently.

Visibility is grim.

Adrenaline pumping within

My body shakes

My heart aches

There’s only so much

One person can take

And the muscles are tensing.

I’m all alone.

Alone with everyone shouting their own

So I raise my own voice

But they continue.

They chip away

Growing, pulling me into the fray

I feel the shaking intensify.

There’s no going back

The levels, too high

So I lash out.

No choice otherwise.

I aim away from them

Or at least I try

They jump into my path,

Rile me up and let the fists fly

They kick the hornet’s nest

It’s like lemon in the eyes

As the tears fall...

But the tears aren’t mine.

I don’t cry. I can’t cry.

I hate myself and for once I know why

I lost control.

They push and chip till I break

Then wonder why my heart shakes

They send the red mist like a flare in the night

Then they blame me when I take flight.

It’s not right.

When will it end?
Hey, hey, hey everyday when I wake,
I'm trying to get up, they're knocking me down.
Chewing me up, spitting me out.
Hey, hey, hey when I need to be saved,
You're making me strong, you're making me stand.

-Skillet, feel invincible.


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