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Hi everyone, my name is Mim!

MimMim Posts: 1 Just got here
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I have discovered The Mix recently and find it interesting. I was wondering if anyone could help me.

I am studying Intercultural Communication and I am about to start my dissertation. I had an initial topic  in mind (Analysing the culture of rooflessness in X area: (group) identity, attitudes towards mainstream culture and the effect on the engagement with services), but it slipped through and now I am thinking to look at implications of Intercultural communication in HR. My topic it's still quite vague, but does anyone have any suggestions, especially the people already working in the field? Your help would be much appreciated. 


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    MathsLilyMathsLily Posts: 24 Boards Initiate
    welcome Mim,

    it is a pleasure to meet you! You are very intelligent and congratulations on starting your dissertation soon! :)  i would like to find the coordinates of the area x , indeed xD! ( that was me going off on a mathematical tangent!)  Hr seems a very interesting topic and i wish i could help you more on it as I am not an expert in this field, but I am sure someone can help :)

    I send my blessings :)<3

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