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Some News...

HannHann Meme QueenMancPosts: 3,434 Boards Guru
Hey guys, Hann here- and I have some news I've been wanting to share with you guys for a while.

Now for a long time whilst I was a member of the community, I really wanted to be a GC mod- but seeing as back in the day (a few years back) I used to have a few arguments with a couple of users, this wasn't gonna happen.

I originally was going to start the training in June '17 however arguments happened again so it was put on hold. I stopped using chat for a while and I didn't really use the boards as much either as I needed to get my head straight and put myself more into a position which I could start volunteering. I think it was September '17 when I turned round to Mike and Eefa and said that I wanted to try again. I eventually started the training and then started co-modding with Leanne back in February '18. 

It's been a bit hard on the users who know who I am, as well as my co-mods, as they have a few times called me Hann instead of my mod name. I feel it's time to reveal who I am, for their sake, and because I feel I don't need to hide it any longer. There have been a few topics that have been hard to discuss because I knew people would guess it was me straight away, however, I feel some may have guessed already.

A few months back I was coming into chat as my real self and as a guest, just to see how different things are going, for instance, being a GC mod you don't really see what it's like in SC, so I've been hiding in there a bit too. I do miss being a part of the community and going to chat as often as I did, but I realise that if I reveal myself I won't be able to pop into chat as much, and I feel I am okay with this now. 

So here goes, I am the chat mod, Hallie. (If you guys couldn't tell already)

I've been wanting to tell you guys who I am for a while because I think it's what's best for the community and co-mods, so I'm happy to finally tell you all.

Thank you guys for being your amazing selves, 

Hann, <3
aka Hallie



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