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A simple introduction...

NetNineNetNine NoobKent, South East EnglandPosts: 2 Noob
edited January 17 in Introduce yourself
[ TW: This post contains non-detailed mentions of: mental & physical health troubles, AFAB reproductive issues, fire alarms/home security, FPS/shooter games ]

Wagwan, my name is Jamie-Leigh, but you can call me Jamie or Jame.
I'm an 19 year old AFAB transgender nonbinary (bigender, genderfluid, genderflux) neurodivergent disabled spoonie. Ain't that a mouthful. Basically, I'm not male or female, and I'm disabled. My pronouns are in my sig, but you're always welcome to ask me! o7

I joined The Mix a long time ago but I never actually did anything with my account... Until now!

I'm currently meandering my way through the NHS system of "What the heck is that?!" in regards to my body. It's quite possible that I have ME/CFS, but I show some tiny minor symptoms of maybe something along the lines of EDS, gastroparesis, endometriosis, and dysautonomia. I'm also mentally not perfect, but no diagnosis there either. I experience hallucinations, delusions, and dissociation as my worst symptoms. I also show signs of ASD and AD(H)D, and I've likely got C-PTSD. My only actual diagnosis is asthma, which might not actually be as accurate as we initially believed.

I've had a lot of experiences in my life. Not all of them good. But I'm continuing on regardless.

My interests are... Interesting. I've loved the Halo franchise since the age of 9 legally required minimum age of 16-18, I'm incredibly knowledgeable on the Nest smart home products and well versed in fire alarm systems (yes, legitimately), I write music and also sing. My favourite music genre is probably metal. I've recently gotten into crochet and finger-knitting too.

That's about all I have to say for now! I hope to engage in great conversation here.
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  • kathleen0172kathleen0172 UKPosts: 692 Incredible Poster
    Hiya Jamie! This was interesting to read and welcome :) 

  • MikeMike Posts: 1,298 Moderator
    edited January 17
    What an amazing intro. Welcome to the community, Jamie!

    I've been a lifelong Halo fan too, though I started to fall out of love with them after the exit of Bungie. Been meaning to get back into it. What's your favourite game in the franchise?
    this too shall pass
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