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What's wrong with sleeping in??

sozforhappysozforhappy Deactivated Posts: 123 The Mix Convert
I've so had enough of my parents nagging me to wake up early even in holidays. It isn't fair, I love being lazy and sleeping in, laziness is in my blood and they won't bother to understand that! I hate that they expect me to get involved in such and such activities on spare days rather than only lazing around. I don't like hearing parents only want what's best, it's not the best if it upsets and gets on my nerves a lot. And I'm and adult, they can't tell tell me what to do and makes rules against me. I don't want to consider why they're like this, the "why" just makes their attitude carry on when I want them to stop. As much as I do want it to stop I'm too intimidated to tell them this directly in case they go oh being lazy is not how a human being works and I don't want a lazy stubborn daughter and blah blah blah, including writing a letter or email to them.
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