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About this forum (Creative)

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Welcome to the Creative sub-forum

This is the guide to the Creative sub-forum, but don't forget the Rules and Guidelines you agreed to when signing up also apply.

This corner of the forum is to allow people to express themselves. That could mean poetry, scribblings, whole novels, music, art, film - whatever you've created yourself.

And that's the main point, this is about what you've created. It can be an online portfolio with no feedback, a chance to check something specific or your opportunity to throw your stuff out to everyone to feedback on. This can also be a place to discuss being creative, the websites, tools and advice that can help.

1. The normal rules of the boards apply - racist, sexist, etc, material wouldn't be acceptable. That doesn't mean that these ideas can't be explored but this isn't a way around normal rules.

2. Don't insult people - this is a chance for people to feedback to other users, to entertain each other and to hopefully grow in confidence.

3. Don't steal - A couple of things about copyright - the basic rules of the forum state we own everything published (which is required as a publisher), but we don't own your work and wouldn't pass it on as our own. This applies to everyone else as well - don't be stealing other's work and publishing it here and don't take other people's work from here for other projects.

So, have fun, help each other out and we'll all look forward to seeing what you come up with :) 

Feel free to comment below with any questions or suggestions.

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