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Most of the posts I have done on here have been for sexual things, but I thought I might show a different side of me. The suicidal sad part -.-. Oh well.

Anyway, I was typing on batch ( Ill explain if you want me to, its complicated ) and I created a secret message when you commit suicide in the game. This message cannot be read on the screen, but it is in the code.

Most quotes are insperational. Sometimes I make up quotes, but they are more confussinly depressing, instead of hopeful. These two lines where two qoutes, they read:

In this way, my memory is not in your mind, but in whole matter.

What holds us from falling to our knees is what we love, what we love is what we lend our hearts too. What we lend our hearts too, betrays us. That, that is the true ending.

I spent most of the rest of the day, not talking, and just fighting in my head the reasons to live, and the reasons to die. It wasnt a back and forth violent battle, it was just... There.. 

I dont really know what I am asking in this post, I just wanted to share that with someone. Oh, and another quote of mine for an ending...

I worship the god that gives me mercy, not the god written in the scrolls.
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