Winning is all I care about!!!

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I so hate when I play a video game and I don't win! I can't stick people who say it's just a game and its not about winning it's about having fun. Winnings everything to me, whether in virtual life or real. It's no fun to lose constantly and being stuck on the same level or get the score or prize I want. I won't be happy unless I get what I want, and what I want is to reach a new level or win the targeted point/prize.

I'm even more pissed off with parents fussing at me being angry over this and saying games are meant to be stress relievers, and telling me off for swearing under my breath when something goes wrong. I'm a late teen/new adult and a woman and I act how I feel. So of course I'll swear under my breath when something or someone makes me angry and frustrated. Im an adult now, I have my own principles and definitions of good and bad, my parents don't own me, they can't tell me what to do. I don't want to hear that I'll have the same regulations when I become a parents because I don't ever want to have kids. Im gonna live on my own so there's no one bullying me in any way and no rush made against me and I can take my anger out however I please without affecting anyone. Family life just sucks. (I don't want to be told that I need anger managements either. I hate hate stupid breathing technique. I like to take my anger out in a harsh way and let off as much steam as I like). It pisses me off more when parents say they were our age once hence being a teenager isn't an excuse to behave that way. Things were way different back in their day, i.e if they ever behaved aggressively as teenagers they'd be very severely punished. I hate them at times, it's all their fault they make me feel like that. Hate isn't a choice, it's a feeling. Im sick of living under the same roof as others especially close family.


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    Hey :)

    It's our natural instinct to want to win, but it doesn't always go that way, trying your best is all you can do  :) as for family life, you say you're a new adult, have you thought/looked into moving out of the family home? that way you'll have your own space. have you spoken to your family about your feelings/anger? it is their house so they can make the rules, but if you don't agree with something you could talk it out calmly with them to get your point across. 
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    As @BubblesGoesBoo says, wanting to win is only natural and is okay but seems to be affecting you and others around you. 

    Do you have anything else you find pride in? Maybe finding other things you find pride/satisfaction in, may make you get less angry when you don’t win at a game.

     People take their anger out in many ways, breathing things may work for some but not for others and I hope you’re able to find a safe way that works for you.

    Did writing all of this down & venting here - calm you down - even just a lil bit ?
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    Yess of course I've been planning to move out since ages, but rents here in London are pretty expensive, and right now I'm doing an apprenticeship but haven't been hired to an employer yet and anyway the wages aren't enough for household supplies as well as rent 😫 I have looked into other cities which have cheaper rents but they're miles away from where I'm currently studying. Plus if I want to do uni instead next year in case I don't get an employer my parents want me to do it here cuz they don't want to pay for accomodation. So I'll still be stuck in my current family home a couple more years, worse luck😬
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