Wanting to hurt someone

Sholay09Sholay09 Birmingham, EnglandPosts: 99 Miniposter
Hello I am having some thoughts of wanting to harm someone in which I do not really mean to because I am sick and tired of everyone not understanding other people's issues like anger issues and other problems and when they say that the world is as as it is when the world should change for the better and I am not asking people or the world to be perfect but I just want no more violence, war, people telling others what to do with their own lives and bodies, no more negatives, no more pain and suffering and I think some more too I would not like in this world anymore like birth defects or disabilities sorry to say this as I do not want to end up offending anybody but I just wish that some people were not born with disabilities because it would be nice if everyone would be more independent and be able to do more things for themselves. I really need help please as it is getting out of control.


  • ShaunieShaunie England 🏠Posts: 4,472 Uber Poster
    Hi :) I’m confused on why you’re preaching on no more violence but the title says you want to hurt someone. Sorry if I’ve miss understood soemwhere
  • Sholay09Sholay09 Birmingham, EnglandPosts: 99 Miniposter
    Sorry Shaunie for putting that I wanted to hurt someone and then put I want no more violence at the end of it I am just so upset and frustrated at the moment and I think also confused too. I do want no more violence and I do want to change to be a better person and not want to feel like hurting someone anymore but I only would change once things get more better for me like I would be allowed to make all types of decisions like smoke if I wanted to or do other things sometimes in which involves risks. So again sorry for what I put.
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    It’s okay. I guess sometimes I get angry that I feel like hurting someone but wouldn’t say I am a violent person and it’s okay to get those thoughts and be angry. I think everyone does at point. As long as dont actually hurt someone. 

    Sometimes I want more control in how the world works and sad about all the suffering and want more control over my body ect but then I think about all the things I can control. And I think about the positive side of some things, I see negatives in, as I find there is always some. 
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