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So when I first started volunteering at my animal place I was told I was going to have to read through health and safety and fire safety page but thing is I’ve been volunteering for over 3 months (execspfion of this and. Christmas week) and have no read it yet. I thought health and safety and fire safety is very important.  Because the only thing I know about health and safety is electric wires and animal risks. what worries me more is not knowing about fire safety. Yeah I know it sounds weird but currently there making bonfires and revocation work. So what would we do if that go out of hand for the staff volunteers and animals and visitors when it opens to public. Because we already outside and in the staff area I’ve noticed one of the fire exit doors are blocked by boxes. I feel like telling anyone that works there. 


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    Sounds like the fire procedures at your volunteering place could do with a serious overhaul! Do you still have a copy of the health and safety regulations? If so, I'd definitely recommend reading them and if there are things blocking fire exits I think it's perfectly okay for you to point that out and ask whether they should be moved. There should also be lots of fire extinguishers about in a place like that and all staff and volunteers should be trained in how to use them and also in what to do with the animals if a fire breaks out. You're definitely right that fire safety is important and that the place you volunteer should be taking it more seriously. Apart from anything else, I expect they'll be subject to annual inspections and at that rate I think they would definitely fail.
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