You are not alone! (Story By Corey)

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You are not alone! By Corey

This story that I am about to write is my true life story, I decided to write this because I need some support in my life and I want to remind others that they are not alone!


Since I was a baby I have had issues like when I was born, I wasn’t fully developed and my bowels were on the outside of my body, this is pretty upsetting and disturbing to think about but this isn’t the main topic of this.

For about 2 whole straight years I have been fighting something that took over my life completely, something that took all that freedom I had as a kid away, it just came out of no where to and I am not an evil kid, this mental health disorder struck me so bad once that I even told my parents that it will eventually kill me, this is really upsetting now that I think about it now.

2 years ago I was diagnosed with the mental health disorder known as “OCD” or Obsessive Compulsive Disorder which has made every day tough for me, I used to watch things and research OCD not thinking anything of it before I even have it and now I can’t get fully rid of it, think of it as someone constantly telling you to do things perfectly, I used to spend hours on end doing these ritual tasks to the point that it would take up most of my day even on weekends, this made it really hard for me, if I was downstairs, I would immediately have thoughts that someone would mess up my room so I kept checking.

I don’t want to continue but I want to tell everyone that you are not alone and if you ever need someone to speak to then message me.


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    Hi Corey!

    Welcome to The Mix, it's great that you've found us. Just to let you know I've edited your post to remove your email address and full name, it's best not to share personal information like that to keep yourself safe. There's some more information here

    It sounds like your OCD is making things tough for you, have you got any support for this?

    Best wishes
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    Hey @cedwards2001

    Thanks for sharing your story <3 are you getting support for your OCD? It sounds like it is a real struggle and I'm sorry you are going through it. We're always here for you if you need to talk.

    - Lucy
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