Hi, my name is lofty3000!

I joined cos I take subutex daily. And my dr is trying to reduce me far to fast. I keep hearing so many people getting these 8mg tablets on the streets but I literally have no clue where they do. I can't find anywhere. If anyone has any advice for me. I'm South uk. Thanks 


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    Hey @lofty3000

    Welcome to the Boards :) 

    I see you would like to know more about medication, so it may be worth posting a thread in drink and drugs as you may get relevant responses there!

    Take care <3
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    Hey lofty welcome to the mix :)
    It generally depends on how much you had been taking and how long for, that usually determines how a doctor cuts you down.

    They all follow the same kind of method of cutting down so it generally works for everyone but of course you will feel the effect and like its been too quick as that usually happens during :)

    If you are really worried or upset by this you can speak to your doctor and get their opinion xo

    The 8mg tablets are generally off market and dodgy which is why they can be hard to find.
    They aren't approved and may cause many side effects.

    Are you on a lower than 8mg dose and feeling the effects? It may be best to talk to your doctor as I mentioned before :) xo

    Feel free to keep us updated!

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