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Views on benefit system

DarknessWithin97DarknessWithin97 Posts: 19 Confirmed not a robot
Anyone want to share these views on the benefits systems our country has in place, good or bad?

I know they're in place to help people but many of those seem to use the system or cheat the system. Frustrating for those of us who have to work hard in life to earn our keep when so many are living completely free is free food and drink, free housing etc.


  • AuroraAurora Part of the furniture Posts: 11,720 An Original Mixlorian
    I personally think the benefit policy the UK have in place is great, and supportive of those who aren't lucky enough to be able to work, or be in work, etc. 

    Their are so many people out their who don't work because of mental illness, which is a barrier when it comes to working, and often without the benefit system we have in place those with mental illness who are already struggling would struggle more.

    Theirs a lot you can say on the subject of benefits, their are pros and cons, their are people who just use the system to avoid working. Having been on benefits myself, I know I would of struggled a lot battling my own mental illness and working at the same time, it wouldn't of been plausible for me at all. And if I didn't have a source of income, all self care I had for myself would of gone down hill. 
  • LaineLaine Fruit loop Gone for gooPosts: 2,766 Account Deactivated
    edited December 2018
    I think switching to universal credit has made it a little more complicated but it prevents people from Using in the wrong way. 

    I for one am grateful of benefits and while some people abuse it(benefit fraud)  it's honestly not high and still greatly benefits those who need it :)

    I simply can't imagine what my life and childhood is/would have been like without Them. We surely wouldn't of had a house.

    Everyones opinion is course different but while it's still mostly being used for the right thing I'm all for it :) 

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  • SkiveSkive No discipline. No morality. No respect. New ForestPosts: 15,247 Skive's The Limit
    The amount in fraudelent claims pale in comparison to tax avoidence and evasion. If you want to cfrack downn on the people who are robbing the tax payer the most, don't look at bottom, look at the top. The big corporations and most wealthy.
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  • DarknessWithin97DarknessWithin97 Posts: 19 Confirmed not a robot
    Thank you for sharing your opinions.
  • JellyelephantJellyelephant just traumatised apparently ✌🏼 Out of my mindPosts: 971 Part of The Mix Family
    I would have not got far without benefits due to my illness and not having been able to work for years. It is a life saver. 
    The sun will rise and we will try again 
  • DarknessWithin97DarknessWithin97 Posts: 19 Confirmed not a robot
    @Jellyelephant. Do you work now?
  • Kathleen07Kathleen07 Posts: 1,938 Extreme Poster
    edited January 2019
    First of all, I hope I'm not misunderstanding the question, say if I am:)

    I'm hesitant to share, but, my opinion is negative. I'm not going to venture too far in cause I may get worked up and I don't want to accidentally be mean, but... People have died and are dying due to their benefits being cut - that's awful. My (divorced) parents are both on benefits and have been their whole lives, so... I know that benefits save them, and others - but not everyone, even people who need them way more, are so lucky. Even my parents have to be scared that their benefits will be cut, imagine people who can't at all survive without them.

    I respect others opinions :) But yeah... The benefits system has problems.
  • DarknessWithin97DarknessWithin97 Posts: 19 Confirmed not a robot
    Thanks for sharing. I think the opposite to your opinion but I think there are negative in terms of those of who are not on anything as our money is given...money from our hard work
  • JellyelephantJellyelephant just traumatised apparently ✌🏼 Out of my mindPosts: 971 Part of The Mix Family
    @Jellyelephant. Do you work now?
    yes I do 
    The sun will rise and we will try again 
  • Millie2787Millie2787 🐶 💜 Posts: 4,435 The Mix Elder
    I can see what you mean - for a good portion of people on benefits attucally do work . For example my Mum recives benefits for my brother with special needs  and without those she wouldn’t be able to replace his clothes as he will go through a pair of joggers every 2 day. We as a family worry when it comes to it being reassessed as we know if it’s reduced with any way he will have to go out on clothes with holes and rips in.Both of my parents work , my dad working long days for most days of the year and my mum working lunch times as she has to be available in case his schools rings for him to be collected. So I defo think that benefits can attucally benefit a lot of people ☺️
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