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House Share and Pregnancy?

ensley_xensley_x Posts: 1 Literally just got here
Hi everyone, can anyone answer this question?

So for instance: I live in a a 2 bed shared housing, I'm on UC and higher rate PIP. 
I rent my own bedroom per month, seperate contract to my now ex. 

My now ex-boyfriend who moved in with me - rents his own room, but he works full time. 

I know that this is allowed as we're not classed as living as a couple it's a single tenant arrangement and we do have separate contracts.

The thing is I'm pregnant now: and I have no idea where this puts me?!
I am not pregnant to my ex. But say, if baby dads took over my exes contract so rented the room instead - would this be allowed?! He also works full time.

My concern is I'd be put down as a single mother technically, but I don't want to be given more benefit for single mother - I don't know what would happen in this dilemma? 

I'd need to speak to my landlord as well - and see what he says, as origianlly when I first asked how long he'd want the tenant contract to be he somewhat joked "he'd like us to live here forever" then explained what he would do. So in that sense, if he does want long term he's got be aware that things would change in a persons life? 
The house is big enough for a baby. 

I just don't know if the rent would have to be merged or kept 'single' as if it became joint then baby father would have to provide and I genuinely don't think he'd handle that at this moment due to a lot of stress factors playing massively in his life - pregnancy on top ... 

I also don't want to be reliant on another - I'd rather remain single then be expecting, fair enough his baby is his responsibility but I'm not.  

So I'm just curious as to whether this would stand legally? Like it's all in black and white that the contract is single and well If I house shared with a bunch of strangers there's arrangements where 3 people work and 2 are on benefit sort of speak so what is the difference? It's not easy getting a place to live this young and the things you need. I have no family support, I can't get working guarantors etc. No places rent out at £65pw like they expect. It's super hard...

And due to me mental state I'd suffer in a hostel etc or supported accommodation. Due to the severity of my anxiety I'm very low profile keep to myself.



  • Kathleen07Kathleen07 Posts: 1,938 Extreme Poster

    Heya :-)

    I'm sorry to say I can't help personally, as I'm not very good with this sort of stuff. I asked a relative about it though, and here's the advice they gave if it's of any help:

    "I think the tricky thing here is that it's a two-bedroom house. If it were a four-bed and there were other tenants besides the two of you living there, then I think it would be fine with the benefits. But, if it's a two-bed and there's just you two and your shared child living there... I think it'll raise questions and the DWP might think that the separate contracts thing looks dodgy and start investigating to see if you were really living together as partners rather than housemates - it might be difficult for you to prove that you weren't. Might be less stressful to rent the whole house as a joint tenancy and claim as a couple?"

    I hope I/they haven't totally misunderstood the question. Wish you luck with the situation anyway.

    (also, sorry to hear about your mental state, and the baby's father's as well <3)

  • AidanAidan Clever idiot Posts: 2,988 Boards Guru
    Hi there,

    It's difficult for anyone besides the DWP to help you out here, so I'd definitely consult them and always be sure to keep your details up to date.

    "The Department for Work and Pensions counts 2 people as being in a couple if they live in the same household and are:

    • married to each other
    • civil partners of each other
    • living together as if they were married"

    This is vague, but note that here it's the fact that 2 people live in the same household that's emphasised, so I couldn't say for certain where it stands on seperate tenancy agreements for the same household.

    I'm sorry about your situation, I hope it works out for you! :)

    My recommendation would be to contact the helpline for your UC or PIP (if there is one), or otherwise and make an enquiry with them.

    Take care,
    but idk tho
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