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Silent's Love Life

CXSilentCXSilent Posts: 7 Confirmed not a robot
Hey there, to whoever's reading this.

I have a massive problem with keeping girlfriends. For some reason, they either break up with me, lie to me of just don't even reason with me. In all these cases, they leave me worried and anxious. It's been so bad that I've had to take time off school to try to calm myself down.

First girlfriend, I may never get over due to the horrible stuff that happened. She said she admired a boy when she was still dating me, which I never saw the signs that she didn't like me more. Although the signs came later on, she kept it going and hid everything from me. When we did break up, however, I cried for ages and did want to kill myself. Even now, when I look back on it, I can hear her telling people about how horrible I was, and I've just decided to accept that as the truth.

The second one is what took me off social media, actually. This girl was perfect in every way to me. We had similar tastes, loved hugs and wanted to meet each other (We met for, like, a day and then she went back to the Czech Republic). We broke up on hellish terms, with her slandering me when she broke up with me. I can still remember her calling me a liar, and denying everything I said to make me feel guilty. The weird thing is that I'm way too attached to her as a person and potential lover, yet I know the problems I'll have.

I did talk to the second one about it: Same thing happened, although she screamed at her over text. If there's any solution to this, please let me know.


(P.S. I have gone back to school, so don't worry.)


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    Hello @CXSilent and welcome to The Mix community.  :)

    Many times we do not take enough time to know the other person. This could be a lack of compatibility, and sometimes it's only after sime time has passed that we realise. It's not our fault or their's. It's just the way relationships work out.

    Sometimes people grow out of love, too. Someone who was once special becomes uninteresting when they stop working on their relationship. Love begins to fade and often it's difficult to salvage what is left. On the other hand, sometimes we need to change priorities in our lives. We need change.

    Treat your girlfriend right, act right and be a good lady. But  don't allow people to walk over you. Learn to fight for what you want in your relationship and above all, keep talking. Love her with all your heart.
    So basically, your question is: “How do I convince my girlfriend to not leave me?”
    The answer is: You treat her very special and make her feel so valued and loved and then she will want to stay with you for the rest of her life.
    Best wishes,Mandy

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