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Adoption problems need advice!!!!

AmieeAmiee Posts: 18 Settling in
Hi there its me Amiee and at the moment im struggling in life with all types of relationships.
Family is one of the big issues at the moment though. I have menatal healthproblems called ADHD and i take medication for this but i feel it doesnt seem to help, my brother may be diagnoised with it to, and when one argument in my house starts screaming and words are siad to hurt each other and my dad has had enough as me and my blood brother has been living with our adopted family for 7 years i think and now its a real shame that my adopted parents are even thinking about sending me back into care.
I have restbite to give  my parents a break and once i had a few months in long term foster care .
My dad is giving my mum a choice weather she wants himin her life or me and if my mum doesnt pick him he will move out and divorce which isnt fair on my mumand its so stressfull. 
i have had so many social workers and none of them will help as apparentl this situation is unhelpableim hoping thats not true and depending on you guys for advice lease comment what you can ....................


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    JustVJustV Community Manager Posts: 5,339 Part of The Furniture
    edited October 2018
    Hey @Amiee, good to see you posting about this. :) As you mentioned this is a relationship issue, I've moved this thread over to the Sex & Relationships forum.

    It sucks to hear things aren't easy at home right now. I don't know what it's like to be adopted into a new family, but it sounds like a rocky process. I have a lot of respect for you going through that at a young age and being as mature as you are being. It's very considerate of you to be thinking about how your mum is feeling in all of this as well.

    How long have things been like this at home? It sounds like things are a bit claustrophobic there at the moment. Even though things seem pretty intense, is it a family you're happy with?
    i have had so many social workers and none of them will help as apparentl this situation is unhelpableim 

    How did you find the social workers you've had? It sucks to hear they couldn't help in the way you needed them to. Sometimes it can take a while to find someone that really works for us.

    Keep us posted on how things are going. Well done for reaching out - you're doing well. :) 
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