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Invisible_meInvisible_me Posts: 136 The Mix convert


Female thread- What to do and stop feeling low, when your time of the month gets you down because your religion limites the thing you can do. It's a festival but because it's the time of the month I am not allowed to go until 5 days finishes. Which finishes Tomorrow, but cannot go to the festival (finishes Thurs) because i'll still be on, and although you can still attend with certain restrictions because it takes place late evening, I cannot go because I then have to get up at 6 for uni, and I won't get up.

Feel so down :( My period has ruined the festival, I love the festival! But yet, I cannot enjoy it this year.


  • ShaunieShaunie England 🏠Posts: 7,179 The Mix Elder

    Sorry to read that your period is getting in the way of being able to go to a festival. Know some festivals can be really important to some. 

    I dont know much about religion and festivals and stuff sorry. - But Is there a way you can do something at home instead? Or do something nice for yourself instead?

    Any other festivals youre looking forward to? 
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  • Invisible_meInvisible_me Posts: 136 The Mix convert

    Hello both,

    THanks for replyies… I appreciate it's hard to some what reply. I think I was so upset that day I posted that I wanted to get it out.

    There is next year? But this was the last year before my friend who I used to 'play' with attend festival with is moving away so she may maynot be here to attend next year...

    There was divali I was looking forward to? But I think my period will get in the way then as well.... so waiting for next year? Not fair!


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