I'm Back.

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Done my essay, got 2 jobs and one starts on Monday. Put fees down on a new flat with my best friend and will move in next month. Pets are healthy and I'm super tired. This week has been and still is super busy. But, after Monday it should be back to a routine that I can focus on. 

Massive stress as all my stuff is in boxes miles away, but at least now I have something to look forward to. Moving into my own place in November. Can't wait, any moving in tips or starting new job tips?
Still not eating or sleeping well, but I think that will go away once I move in.

Its weird but when I'm this busy all I can focus on is wasting time writing fanfics or drawing non-work stuff ;-; need to gain focus somehow.

:tired_face: sorry for badly structured sentences, I am falling asleep on the floor now.

Hope you're all doing okay,
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  • Welcome back - I missed you!

    I've recently moved so know the sort of stress you're feeling, but once you move in November then the stress will lower. Sleeping helps us cope even more. Good that you got your flat sorted! Having permanent accomodation will help you settle. Even greater news is you got work. I'm really happy for you.  =)

    Don't self-blame for writing fanfics. Writing is soothing and if that and drawing helps get you reach that plateau of calmness, so much the better to be focussed on something. You're doing well, girl. I'm proud of ya! 

    Recently I've started carrying a 90x180mm pocket notebook and pencil/sharpener so there'll always be opportunity to write - lists? You've got it, girl! Or, rather I've got it! Got it baaad!!  :joy:
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