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I don't really care what people think so I'll just post this.

I don't really love people, I just idolize them. Sometimes I really need people and they become my world. This applies to boys and girls. I don't know if that means I'm bi but I don't feel that emotional connection with people. What does this mean?


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    Hiya :)

    It's perfectly normal to be questioning our sexuality and we can question for ages before feeling comfortable with one. 

    You say you don't feel that emotional connection? Do you like them as a person(platonically) but not love them(in a romantic or sexual way?)

    You may be what is called aromantic and asexual Wherr you feel no romantic and sexual attraction to someone. 
    It is completely up to you whether you decide this fits you and you can change your mind at any time :)

    Many aromantics go on to date platonically so it won't mean you're destined to be alone. 

    Don't feel to pressured by anything to just be you x

    Best wishes! 

    🌈Positive thoughts🌈 

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